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Spring Gardening Ideas for Tenants

As a tenant, it is highly likely you won’t be able to landscape the garden on your property. However, there are still so many ways you can add little personal touches to your property to help enjoy the bountiful beauties that spring has to offer. How to Quickly Spruce Up Your Garden This Spring Whether [...]

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The Importance of Marketing a Rental to Millennials and Generation Xers

The rental market is thriving these days and, according to recent data, it is closely tied to younger and more diverse generations. In the past year, millennials and generation Xers accounted for more than 70 percent of those seeking to rent homes; therefore, it is essential to have a strong marketing strategy in place that [...]

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Simple Ways to Stage a Home for a Photo Shoot

Remember the days when driving through neighborhoods in search of the perfect home was commonplace? Curb appeal used to be enough to draw in potential buyers, but times have changed. Today, 80 percent of home buyers begin their search for a home online and the competition is fierce. Clicking through the vast amount of homes [...]

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The Importance of Technology and Communication for Property Management

The tech-savvy generations that currently make up a majority of today’s rental market, expect immediate responses to their questions and issues; therefore, it is not surprising that poor communication is one of the top reasons tenants give for not renewing a lease. At Noahs’, we make it a priority to provide our tenants a seamless [...]

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Improve Your Rental Property’s First Impression with a Landscape Makeover

Your rental property is in a prime location and has the features and amenities you are certain will attract potential renters in droves, and then – silence. Often, landlords spend too much time on the interior of a property and overlook the exterior aesthetics causing a negative first impression. To remedy the issue, consider investing [...]

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Factors Baby Boomers Need to Consider When Downsizing

The furnace is broken yet again, it’s time to replace the roof, and on top of it all the yard needs maintaining. These pain points are all too familiar and become especially daunting and costly to homeowners of the Baby Boomer generation with retirement soon approaching. The next logical step for many Baby Boomers is [...]

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Five Rental Market Trends to Consider in 2018

There are many trends that shape the housing and rental markets and many differing opinions and data on how these trends will affect the markets in 2018. Paying attention to new developments and trends that will impact your local rental market is necessary when making decisions on improvements to your rental property and planning your [...]

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How to Qualify Prospective Renters

Most landlords end up doing the bare minimum when it comes to qualifying potential renters. There are many times when that one phone call to verify employment goes undone – the results – unpaid rent, evictions and many other headaches. If you you don’t have the time, then it’s best to hire a property management [...]

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How to Introduce Pops of Color into Your Rental Home

The holiday decorations have been stored away and now you find yourself looking at your space in a whole new perspective. Start the new year off by changing up your space with pops of color. Stay on trend and consider introducing vibrant colors like The Pantone Color Institute’s 2018 color of the year, Ultra Violet! [...]

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Decorating Trends for 2018

There’s nothing quite like walking into a home and enjoying the ambiance. You can learn a lot about a person just by simply looking at their home. Some of the loveliest homes are a direct reflection of their owners. From the accent colors to the furniture style, home décor really makes a house unique to [...]

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