Updating Your Rental’s Decor for Fall

Updating Your Rental's Decor for Fall With the temperature cooling and leaves falling, it’s time to prepare for the new season. Fall is the perfect time to make your home into a cozy and welcoming space. If you are a renter, there are plenty of easy ways to spice up your home’s interior and [...]

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Easy Ways to Keep Your Home Cool in Summer

As the summer heat begins to intensify, many of us are looking for ways to cool down a room without relying on the air conditioner. Here are some tips on how to keep your rental home cool in the summer. Keep Blinds Closed Sometimes, the easiest solutions are also the best; utilizing blinds will cool [...]

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Container Gardening 101

Can a green thumb find bliss in a concrete jungle? Yes, and the answer is container gardening. What is container gardening? Simple – growing a garden in a container! Contrary to popular perception, you don’t need a backyard to grow fruits and vegetables; get a container with adequate drainage, some good soil, make sure you [...]

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Give Your Rental’s Outdoor Space a Makeover

In this post, we are offering advice for tenants who want to spruce up their outdoor space. These tips will help you make your outdoor space feel more personal without you needing to spend too much money in the process. Potted Plants Whether you have a green space or not, you can quickly and easily [...]

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A Peaceful Home is a Happy Home

Your home should be your sanctuary - a place you can go to after a hard day at work to relax and unwind. In this post, we share six tips on how to help make your home a place of peace and a realm of tranquility. Declutter There is nothing in life more rewarding [...]

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Spring Gardening Ideas for Tenants

As a tenant, it is highly likely you won’t be able to landscape the garden on your property. However, there are still so many ways you can add little personal touches to your property to help enjoy the bountiful beauties that spring has to offer. How to Quickly Spruce Up Your Garden This Spring Whether [...]

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Factors Baby Boomers Need to Consider When Downsizing

The furnace is broken yet again, it’s time to replace the roof, and on top of it all the yard needs maintaining. These pain points are all too familiar and become especially daunting and costly to homeowners of the Baby Boomer generation with retirement soon approaching. The next logical step for many Baby Boomers is [...]

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How to Introduce Pops of Color into Your Rental Home

The holiday decorations have been stored away and now you find yourself looking at your space in a whole new perspective. Start the new year off by changing up your space with pops of color. Stay on trend and consider introducing vibrant colors like The Pantone Color Institute’s 2018 color of the year, Ultra Violet! [...]

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Decorating Trends for 2018

There’s nothing quite like walking into a home and enjoying the ambiance. You can learn a lot about a person just by simply looking at their home. Some of the loveliest homes are a direct reflection of their owners. From the accent colors to the furniture style, home décor really makes a house unique to [...]

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Keep Your Pets Happy and Healthy This Winter

If you are a dog owner, you fully understand that your pet becomes a part of the family as soon as you bring them home. You’d never neglect your children and the same applies to your furry family members. However, when the winter rolls around, many people aren’t quite sure how to take care of [...]

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