A home’s décor tells tales of the people who live within it. As we continue to spend inordinate amounts of time indoors, decor is just as much a reflection of the things for which we yearn. From large renovations to small details, transforming your space is an amazing way to refresh, rejuvenate, and feel truly at home. This concept reveals itself in this year’s most popular design trends.

  • Scandinavian Inspiration. The mounting interest in Scandinavian décor shows no signs of abating. Renowned for its minimalist utility, “Scandi” epitomizes simple lines, ingenious multi-use designs, and subdued aesthetics. This newfound enthusiasm for minimalism stems from the need for space while working from home.
  • Multipurpose Rooms. With most of us working from home and having to live, eat, and entertain ourselves in that limited space, multifunctional rooms are now virtually de rigueur. Unsurprisingly, the most common multipurpose combinations are work-living, work-dining, and work-entertainment. Furniture is at the crux of these combinations; for example, large, flat tables in your living and dining rooms are practical for multiple uses. Meanwhile, the entertainment combination is driven by our ever-increasing reliance on video conferencing. The versatility of minimalist styles like Scandi works well with multipurpose rooms.
  • All About Nature. Furniture, fittings, and décor redolent of nature seem to be our way to connect with outdoor greenery. Rattan furniture, and wooden room partitions bring the forest to you – texture, fragrance, and all. Lush indoor plants, décor in earthy tones, and a gorgeous plant wall have all seen extraordinary interest of late. Most of these are easy enough to implement and come with the added benefit of infusing the home with oxygen while removing carbon dioxide and toxins.
  • Soft Edges. It could be said that, having already brought all our work home, we would rather our décor be conspicuously different from office furniture. Round-edged furniture is a departure from the spartan straight lines and hard corners common to an office setting. The soft, pleasing outlines convey a sophistication that regimental straightness cannot match.
  • Bolder Color. Colors like navy blues, olive greens, and vibrant yellows are gaining in popularity. Add these accent colors to more neutral whites and beiges to create a contemporary look in any room.